About Us

The need for behavioral health improvement in our children is great, but also ranges greatly based on level of need. Kapolei Autism Center is committed to  providing resources and services  for children and families to access better health, improved relationships and greater quality of life.

Our Center is one of the handful of support organizations in Hawaii that provide resources geared towards  the safety and quality of care for those with loved ones who are within the spectrum.  We are here to help you navigate these areas and provide the support and community you need. 

Our Mission & Values

All children in Hawaii with autism spectrum disorders (and related disabilities) should have access to high-quality services in their local communities.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for children with autism spectrum disorders (and related disabilities) and their families through Aloha by creating a space where ABA services can encourage growth within each client we serve. 

We offer Aloha-based, inclusive services accessible to children and families through our values:

Love and Compassion for all we serve
Team work and interdisciplinary practice
Acceptance and respect for individual differences
Balance and Harmony with ourselves and loved ones

The Nihipali ‘Ohana

Kapolei Autism Center is locally owned by the Nihipali ‘Ohana. After their youngest child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2013, Kalani and Shandelle embarked on a journey to find effective ABA services. Having opportunities for the ‘Ohana to learn about the therapy services was important to Shandelle and lead to the founding of Kapolei Autism Center. 

This Autism center is owned by a Native Hawaiian family and strives to provide effective ABA and other related services to individuals diagnosed on the Autism spectrum by employing individuals with the skills and proper credentials to create an effective impact on the lives of the youth and young adults we serve. The Nihipali ‘Ohana believes that it is important to get individuals the services needed to master important life skills to lead independent lives.